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Quantum Switch invests in local workforce with Industry-recognised training and programmes

100 local workers in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Region, to be trained as technicians and managers in $250,000+ commitment to skills development for the company’s new data centres.


8th March 2022. Quantum Switch, a designer, developer and operator of high-security, high-

performance, flexible co-location data centres in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, India & Southeast Asia has partnered with CNet Training (CNet) to deliver industry-approved

technical education to local staff across its portfolio in the Middle East. This year it will

educate 28 local staff in technical and data centre management skills in a programme worth

over $100,000. Over the next five years, it is estimated that 100 or more individuals will

undergo education programmes by the company as it invests worth well over $250,000 in

local skills development.

CNet Training is the Global Leader in Technical Education for the Digital Infrastructure

Industry and has been designing and delivering professional network infrastructure training

programs since 1996. The cooperation is a key aspect of Quantum Switch’s commitment to

employ local staff and develop the skills and experience of the populations around its data


On the back of the recently announced contract to deliver and operate six 50MW data

centres in Saudi Arabia over the next five years, plus continuing expansion in other Gulf

states and across the Middle East, Quantum Switch will become a significant employer of

high-technology staff in the region. Working with CNet allows the company to recruit

suitable staff with core skills locally and educate them in the specifics of data centre

technologies and management.

Managers and technicians will be automatically enrolled, at no cost to them, on one of two

highly regarded programmes created and delivered by CNet. These are the Certified Data

Centre Management Professional (CDCMP®) and the Certified Data Centre Technician

Professional (CDCTP®). The first is a comprehensive programme that develops an

understanding of all elements of a data centre facility and the relationships and

dependencies between them. Participants learn to maintain consistent reliability, security

and integrity of data and the availability of service. The second focuses on subjects essential

to data centre technicians in maintaining zero-downtime facilities. It includes understanding

the key constraints on operational effectiveness, policies, procedures and compliance based

on legislation, standards (national & international) and codes of conduct.

On successful completion of the programmes, including various assessments, participants

will be awarded industry-recognised certifications and internationally recognised

qualifications that confirm their excellence in these highly complex environments.

Peter O’Sullivan, Head of Operations at Quantum Switch, commented;

“Any data centre is only as good as the people who manage it and keep it operating. The necessary blend of skills is hard to find which is why we are working with CNet to invest in developing and certifying individuals with relevant skills to apply them in the exciting and growing data centre sector. We are passionate about creating high-skill, high-value jobs for the communities where we operate, and the CNet certifications help us do exactly that.”


Andrew Stevens, CEO of CNet Training, added;

“We applaud Quantum Switch for its commitment to local skills development. By providing its staff with the opportunity to participate in our technical education programmes and earn certifications recognised by the industry worldwide, not only benefits the local population by providing access to education for high quality, transferrable skills, it also creates a powerful employer brand that benefits all parties.”


To date, 7 staff have enrolled on programmes provided by CNet as part of this commitment.

In total 28 are expected to be professionally certified this year with a continuing

commitment to certify new recruits over the coming years.

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