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Why QST?

Quantum Switch Tamasuk


To build the digital infrastructure for the next billion users.

We will do so in a sustainable manner whilst maintaining fast and effective standards for our customers. We are committed to developing and supporting the local infrastructure by creating a range opportunities for local investors, landowners and partner businesses. Allowing the community to prosper from the creation of cutting-edge digital infrastructure in their regions.

Creating high-end, digital infrastructure in emerging markets not only brings the digital economy and its benefits closer to the businesses and consumers in the region but will create jobs, training and prosperity directly linked to the building and the operating of these infrastructure class assets.


Emerging markets across the Middle East need high-quality digital infrastructure

Emerging markets desperately need this high-quality digital infrastructure to support their burgeoning online populations. Our vision is to become the premier provider of colocation facilities that cater to both the needs of local enterprise and global cloud platforms.


​Demand for Data Centre infrastructure across the globe, from Melbourne to Marseille, is outpacing capacity. Our 'always on' attitude ensures our clients secure metro capacity when they need it.

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